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Love Replica :: Custom Costume Commissions' Journal
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
8:25 am

I wanted to place this around, it's definatley empty sorta.. but it needs members.
It needs people to make it a home, and i've got people helping to spiff it up.
I will be making a grafix forum in a few minutes (for graphics battles and other things!) for all you graphics making lovers.

If you want to affiliate/link go ahead :3 just email psyencesxty@aim.com with your banner and linkage and i'll place it in the affiliates/listings forum!

Apologies if this was not meant to be posted, it is japan culture related and it is run by jrock fans (So trust me, jrock will have it's place.)
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
6:59 am
I have a few questions about commissions. I tried opening your page, but it gave me an error, and then just opened your host's site. Anywho, I am interested in Yurasama's costume from Gekiai Merry Go Round by Psycho le Cemu. If you need pictures, I can send you some, but I just want to see how much it would cost and I would also like to see any pictures you have of previous costumes you have made. Arigatou!
Friday, January 17th, 2003
12:11 pm
January Update
I've recieved the initial payment for Zim-san's Mana costume commission today. Will be shopping as soon as I get measurements.
I've been doing design sketches for my sister's grad dress... she wants something sexy/gothy, so she wisely chose me over my mother. *lol*
I'm working currently on making over a blue satin Loli dress which is turning out very cute. It was rescued from a horrible ignominious death as an ex-bridesmaid dress.
Shinya is going to be put up for auction sometime in the next month or so. I'm re-making the belt so the costume can be worn by a larger variety of sizes.
I'm also working on a new layout for Love Replica that will, if all goes well, be up sometime in Febuary.

Love Replica has been plugged by J-Rock Online. Read the article, "Sew me a Dream",here

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
5:19 am
Love Replica
This journal has been made into a community pretty much just so that I can post to it without having to sign out of my regular journal. ^_^;

If you want to contact me regarding a commission, you can join the community, leave a note here or e-mail me at zoi_no_miko @ lovereplica.zzn.com .

~ Zoi no miko

Current Mood: accomplished
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